Friday, February 19, 2010

Check out this website!

Do you have kids? Do they have chores? My little guy doesn't necessarily have chores (although he could probably use some!) but he does have to earn video game/ TV time with good behavior at school. I found this website called . It is free and parents just put in their child's chores. You can pick the days you need it done or if it is a daily chore. Then the child logs in and clicks yes I did it or oops I forgot. You can add a dollar amount to each chore. Then either daily or weekly your child can print off his/her "paycheck". And it lists the chore, the date completed and the amount that they earned on there! Pretty cool. Josh gets his paycheck every Friday. Then with his money from that week that has to last him until his next paycheck. He's almost 7 (OMG.. I can't believe it) but he is already starting to budget! Even if it is fake money (30 minutes of video games = "$2"). One day he is going to be better than me at finances! Probably at the age of 8. lol. It is working for us though! He is really into logging in and checking off his chores. And he loves LOVES getting a paycheck at the end of the week! :)
By the way...that cute snow pup up there is my puppy! Say hello to Louie!

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