Monday, February 22, 2010

Today's to do list

I have SO much that I need to do today. I thought that maybe if I posted my to do list then maybe it would motivate me to get EVERYTHING crossed off! Keep me accountable kind of thing! So here it is!
  1. Clean the living room
  2. Bible study
  3. Cut/Iron/Fuse the following:
    chef hats (1 boy 1 girl)
    DS Case
    matching aprons
    Easter eggs (Felt)
    Happy Meals (Felt) & Krabby Patties (Felt)
    Cape (1 Batman/Superman 1 Batman/Caleb)

    Crayon wallets (3)
    Fabric house
    Napkins (still!!!)
    Bingo games (1 street signs, 1 car, 1 alphabet, 1 shapes)
    Cuddle bug bib (2)
  4. Work on Diaper wallet pattern
  5. Check for the Cricut!!!!
    If it does get here, mess around and figure it out! :)
  6. Have Andy fix the sink!!!
  7. Look for clothing designer and bow wonder for the store!
  8. Chris birthday gift?!?
  9. Write a real blog
  10. Diaper case
  11. Email my list of people to email
  12. Work on supply list for fort
  13. Dinner?!? Not sure.....

In case you can't tell today is cut and prep central around here! :) Hopefully tonight when I write you all a real blog My list will be all crossed off!!!! Wish me luck!

So ..well I didn't do to bad! Got lots crossed off my list today! :)

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