Monday, February 15, 2010

In the Beginning....

Hello world! My name is Amanda Faulkner! I am starting to launch my own company called Ike & Ella. I just created a website, , and please note before you check it out --- I am NOT the most technologically advanced person out there!! It is pretty bare right now because I am waiting on my new camera to arrive in the mail! (Mom, I think I left my old camera in your van! Can you look for it? I keep forgetting to ask you!) But don’t stop reading this blog! I promise it is not going to be a “hey look at my site --- go shop!” blog. It will be full of fun stuff.

P.S. my definition of fun stuff is as follows: artsy craftsy things, family activities, party ideas (honestly, who doesn’t love a party?), recipes (I will be honest I like to look at recipes, think to myself hmm that looks good but I rarely ever actually make them so hopefully this will force me to actually make all this yummy stuff I’ve been saving on the computer! You’re welcome family.) and really whatever tickles my fancy! It’s my blog right?! :)

So I am working on a really special craft to show you tomorrow (how is that for a cliff hanger?). It’s tricky with not having a camera – but don’t worry! I will get it! Today I am just going to leave you with my introduction.

This is me. And that guy on the left is Andy. We live out in the sticks. (Not my first choice). But have no fear because we will be moving this summer (everyone cheer! Hooray!). He works down on the farm. Right now I work at Gymboree (somedays I wish I didn't. Do you know how many clothes my son has? Ridiculous.) We are a happy little family.

And this handsome guy is Josh. This picture is his school picture last year (remember -- I need my new camera!!) but he just looks so stinkin' handsome!!! He is in 1st grade and growing up WAAAAY to fast.
Come back tomorrow to see what special things I have for you!! :) And be sure to join my mailing list on my website! We are giving away free $5 gift certificates to everyone who joins! And you get $5 for every friend that joins too! (As long as they make a $25 purchase).
And if by chance my mail lady is reading this. Please deliever my camera soon! :) Thank you!

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