Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Today's Goodies

The mail has come. I look forward to it everyday. Everyday I have the chance of getting something exciting in the mail. And today I received some goodies! First, my Real Simple magazine. I love it. Do you read it? They have some really good chicken recipes this month! Then, I got some Veggie Tales fabric that I ordered on Ebay awhile back. I paid $2 for it….for 2 YARDS. We love Veggie Tales. Josh is going to get something cool! What else? Oh and I got some fabric that I ordered from This is what I got:
Love it! The first is Michael Miller's poodles. That is going to be something (hmmm....) in the Ike & Ella store. Then the last is called Merry Mushrooms Posies (I know the picture is hard to see). Also going to be in the store. The other 3 are Lizzy Dish fabrics. And they are for me! :) Look closely, they are plates and silverware! How cool! I'm going to make some cloth everyday napkins. We're going green! Saving the world one tree at a time! Plus, napkins are expensive! And I got a great deal on the Lizzy fabric! Skip to my Lou has a great tutorial on making cloth napkins (I know your thinking how hard can it be?). But she shows you step by step how to have square corners or mitered.
And lastly, I also recieved my 4 oz. containers in the mail. I need to order larger ones, but these will do for party packs/sample packs! What packs is she talking about you may ask yourself. But I've got some great art supplies that will be going in these to put in the shop! And it will be an Autism Donation product! WOO HOO!
So now with all my goodies I need to get busy! No camera today :( Hopefully tomorrow. The UPS website says its in transit so that means soon right?!? Cross your fingers for me!

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