Thursday, February 18, 2010


No camera...still. Makes me really sad. :( And I ordered somethings that I shouldn't have ordered - that my Andy is not aware of yet - and they are not here yet either. (I'll tell you later - after I share with Andy!) I need to get my secret packages first because I'm going to hide the big ones...and in a few weeks say "So hunny, about my birthday. I don't need a gift. Because well. You actually already bought me a gift. A BIG gift. And oh, you already got me my Christmas presents too." Seriously. That's how much trouble I'm going to be in. Because seriously, that's how much I overspent. Oops. Ebay. I am grounding myself from you. You are so addictive. I would bid on something and lose by 50 cents. 50 cents! That made me so angry. So now, I'm like well what if I am one click away. Just one click. Well one more. And ug. Now I'm in trouble. But I'll show you my secret stuff soon! :)

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