Sunday, February 21, 2010

Museums and Forts and Cricuts

Today was a great day! We went to the Indiana State Museum (we had free tickets and of course, I lost them) but we went anyway! They had an Abe Lincoln exhibit that was pretty neat. (Labor-ham Linclon as Josh called him). I like to slowly stroll and read, but Josh isn't there yet. He likes the interactive stuff! The first floor (the "museum of natural history" Josh's quotes - not mine!) was his fave! I was so excited - esp with my new camera. But -- the batteries I put in didn't work! :(
I am working on a craft along. Feel free to join! It is at Fireflies and Jellybeans. Love their blog! That's it right there! I have a (very) rough sketch done. Don't laugh at my drawings either - please. I'm going to copy - and blow up and trace the final product! :) But anyway ... Join us! Should be fun!

This will be my front panel. I better explain bc...well I wish my artwork spoke for itself's not that good! :) This will be spongebob's house. There will be 2 windows on the front of the (portholes? Is that what they are called?) and the flap to go into the house will be the actual door. Spongebob and his fabulous pet Gary will both be on the front as well as a mail box (probably just attached to the door). And I know Spongebob really doesn't have a mailbox as my son pointed out. But I want it to. Background is blue and I MAY not have the green pineapple on the top. I may just do the bottom half of the house. (I dont want it to be all smashed in) but would that look goofy? What do you think?

Ok .... NEXT......

Then off to the ever so wonderful Krusty Krab. Aren't these pictures wonderful. My son actually laughed at me. Haha! This is the second panel. The the window behind Squidward is going to be an open window (see picture/description below) And there is Squidward (all of the pictures I found of him working are frowning but I think I may make him smile anyway) working away taking orders on his register. The boat he stands behind is kind of tricky. It may end up being just a white box lol. And the cool fish eating his krabby patty down there.

This is going to be on the inside of the fort (DO NOT CALL IT A PLAYHOUSE. I have been warned a cew times by my son. Playhouses are for girls. Forts are for boys.) See the window is in the same place and to the left is the secret formula for the Krabby Patty. (probably with velcro so it can change!) There will be a black stove top with velcro on it too. A spatula and 6 envelope style pockets holding what else but felt food/Krabby patty ingredients. All labeled/velcro-ed ready to be made. This is going to be the only wall all done up on the inside I think.

This WAS the 3rd panel. It was going to be the Chum bucket. But on the way home from the museum today my son decided he wanted the Jellyfish field. So I'm going to have just jellyfish floating around. They will be velcro to come on and off. And I'm going to make a net/bucket? Is that what they use to go jelly-fishing? Sounds much easier than the Krusty Krab so sounds good to me!

And Finally....

the last panel: The Bikini Bottom Map. Filled with everyone's home/work place. Jellyfish field, the boat school and Larry the lobster's workout place. I need to do some research here. To be honest, I'm not a fan of spongebob. When its on...I go in the other room and fold laundry or make dinner or SOMETHING. But I did not type Bikini Bottom into google images. You don't get much spongebob.
So again. Please don't laugh at my drawings. They are very rough sketches done in the car today. VERY rough! :) Hopefully our FORT will be cool! Not rough. Oh, and not cute. "Mom, I'm a boy. I'm not cute. I'm cool." Great. He's growing up. :(

Remember that secret purchase I made? Well it was a cricut! My hubs found out (they def. called my house to tell us it was in the mail. He said what machine did you order? BUSTED.) But now that he knows....I can be excited! Hopefully it will be here soon!
And I got more fabric in the mail! I love the mail. I just don't love the bills! How cute are these? I love the little red riding hood set (the forest, Red, and dots!). The bikes are for a gift (my stepdad loves biking). And the Michael Miller zoo. A*DOR*ABLE. I know these pictures are hard to see...Sorry. But the pink has parts of princess dresses & shoes. And the blue is all kinds of transportation. Love them all!

I'd love to hear your comments - as long as they aren't LOL look at your spongebob. Please. My hubs and my son have already cracked up! :)

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  1. Very fun ideas! I bet your kids are going to love playing with that! : )


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