Monday, March 1, 2010

365 Project .... and your child's artwork

So I just got my camera (as you all know) and I just found this website -

You should sign up! It's a neat way to challenge yourself. And if you are looking for an even bigger challenge - then look at their challenges! You can join a competition - one week it's water, one week it's out in public. The giant icacle on my front porch that is melting is my entry for water. Hey, ice melts into water -- right?! Or join their ABC challenge. 1 photo for each letter of the alphabet! Would be neat to make for a child's book.

SPEAKING of making a child's book...Does your child come home with tons of artwork that you of course, love, but don't know what to do with it all? Do you feel guilty about throwing something away (and do it when your child is not looking and then stuff something else on top of it so they don't see it in the trash?) Am I the only one?!?!?!? Well I started taking pictures of Josh's artwork. This moose is one of my favorites!

Well, so is Frosty. See the flower on his hat? And his corn cob pipe? And the nose? LOVE him.

Well this is what I'm planning. Take the pictures. Upload them to (Well google first - you will find coupons!). Then, have them printed into one of their books. Right now on they have a coupon for 25% off the photo books!!! I wish I had enough pictures to get one now! :) (P.S. I am also planning on having a book done when my year of pictures is finished! A coffee table book filled with my photography. Cool huh?)

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