Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St. Patrick's Rainbow Cupcakes

Me + Cupcakes = L.O.V.E

No. Scratch that.

True love.

I saw these babies on familyfun.go.com and just knew that I had to make them! Hello - the insides are rainbow!!!

They are easy - a little time consuming but totally worth it. I am sending them to school with Josh tomorrow for his class. They will be so surprised when they unwrap them and take a bite! :)

Want the how to? Well you need a box of white cake mix, the ingredients to make it, white frosting, food coloring, and 6 plastic baggies. *I know that the rainbow has 6 colors, but really indigo? For real?

Mix the cake as directed (I used 2 boxes of cake mix and 2 tubs of icing. The first batch of cupcakes came out HUGE and the second more normal. Sorry half of the class. But I did get about 30 cupcakes from using both)

Then I used my big old spoon to pour about 5 BIG spoonfuls into each baggie. (It was about 3/4 full I'd say. There about. No need to be exact)

This was def. just a mommy job. It wasn't bad but man. I can't imagine having a helper for dumping batter into a sandwhich bag. :) BUT the next part is cool! Perfect for kids! You need to dye each batter a different color. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple (Violet. Whatever.) Put a few drops in. Seal the bag. Seal the bag. Seal the bag. LoL. Make sure you get the air out, and mash it together in your hands to mix. In the end you will have all of your color baggies.
Pick a color to start with. The first batch I did the traditional Roy B Giv color scheme. But the second time around I started with purple and ended with red. (well as red as I could get). I would suggest ending with a lighter color, yellow would be perfect because it stays that pretty color. Not that it really matters - your putting icing on the top anyways! :) So snip a small corner - small - seriously small - corner and pour a little bit of each color in.
Then layer each color on top. See the picture below. Those were my HUGE cupcakes! You don't need to put that much of each color!!! :) Unless. You like massive cakes and then by all means. Fill away!
Cook. Let them cool. And frost! I frosted ours green with green sprinkles. And I'm running to buy some chocolate coins to put on top of each one! Ordinary cupcakes they are going to think. But ohhh no. Inside is rainbow-y goodness.


  1. These look so yummy! Perfect for spring too.

    Feel free to stop by my blog and enter my necklace giveaway!

  2. These are the ~PERFECT~ Easter cupcakes for which I have been searching for, 'lo these many years! I LOVE these! Fantastic!!!!

    Thank you so much for posting this. I'm absolutely in love! Woot!
    (Seriously, decaf, Kitty... but they're just so cute!)

  3. I'm so glad you like these! I'm going to be making color cupcakes for everything -- the kids loved them!! Easter - pastel colors 4th of July - red, white & blue Halloween - orange and black Christmas - Green & red....ahhhh cupcakes. :)


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