Sunday, March 14, 2010


I have winners to announce!!!

Before that I need to say thanks to some folks.

First, thanks to the gals at Giggle Junction. They are the ones who make those fabulous I Spy bags. Well, they asked if they could make one for my son. Uhhh yea! And they did and seriously, pictures do not do it justice. It is so stinking cute. And he loves it. And I love it. I've been 'spying' items ever since it arrived in the mail. So thank you! :)

Second, thanks to all the fabulous ladies who helped spread the love about Ike & Ella. If you haven't checked out any of these blogs -- you should. They are wonderful.

Thanks ladies!!!!

Third, to everyone who started following this blog, joined our mailing list (, facebooked us and shopped with us. THANK YOU! I had 62 people enter the giveaway! :) Today is the last day for all products to benefit Autism Speaks and we could still use your help to reach our goal!

Without further ado the winners:

1. The Little Miss Jr. Bag - Summer from - Hooray!
2. The Felt Chocolate Bunny - Trina - Woo Hoo!
3. Crayon Wallet - Mommy2Luke2008 - Yeah!
4. Grocery Tote - News around the blogs - Yippie!

Congrats! I will contact you all individually so we can find can get information! Have a great rest of the weekend!


  1. Yeah!!! So glad I won!!!! I'll be looking for the email!!!! Thanks!!

  2. We, at Autism Speaks, thank you for your support. It is so rewarding to see the wonderful ways that people like you help raise awareness and share our mission!



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