Monday, March 22, 2010


I just HAD to blog about our dinner tonight - it was a complete succsess. What did we have? Meatball sandwhiches (or pizza sandwhiches as I had to tell Josh otherwise he wasn't going to eat it!). Not exciting right? But oh, how wrong you are! It was meatball sandwhiches on homemade whole-wheat flax seed added buns with homemade sauce. And in that sauce were tomatoes (duh.), carrots, celery, green pepper, parsley and onions. And he ate it. He said, and I quote: "This pizza sauce sure is good."
HAHAHAHA child it is just veggies thrown in the food processor!!! Here's another quote : "that was the deliciousest sandwhich I ever had."
Point mommy & team veggies.
I wish I had taken a picture but they got eaten before I could. Yum. And I have TONS of sauce leftover for the week and I had enough dough left from the buns to make a loaf of bread. And my house smells so good. Ahh such a good night.

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  1. SCORE big time on the veggie pasta sauce! NOW... try some Italian Sweet sausages with that same sauce on a Italian roll or soft baguette. Sautéed onions and bell peppers for the adults (well, my kids eat that too) and just the sausages and sauce for the kids. Delicious!

    Hmm... I might need to make that for lunch! Thanks for inspiring me! Off to the boulangerie!


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