Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Month of April...

So 2 things just occurred to me. 1 this is like my 4th post today. Sorry. Yup, you can tell it's my day off. :) (Blogging v. cleaning...hmmm) 2. April is like 2 and a half weeks away. And April is Autism Awareness Month.

Well you know I have to try do to do something special. SO here it goes. I know I've already bombarded everyone out in blog world with my Autism speech but I am planning on opening up an Etsy Store for the Month of April. So I need at least 30 people to help (one for each day) to volunteer to make something to donate, spread the word about their item or just spread the love for us! I don't care what you make (item/pattern/autographed picture of yourself) we just need items!

And if you can think of a fun name for the store that would rock! Craft for Autism is all I've got - not very creative.

I made a goal for $500 - I know we can do it!!!!

If you are interested in helping - making something or spreading the word - please e-mail me. I have a page set up on through 1power4autism but blogger is being silly and won't let me paste the link in here! I'll keep working on it!

Thanks so much you guys are seriously wonderful!

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  1. I just wanted to wish you luck with your Etsy store project. And keep blogging about Autism. You obviously have one of these wonderful people in your life. Oh, I found you through All Things Related.


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