Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Felt Food: Chocolate Bunnies

UPDATE* I am giving one of these handsome guys away for my Grand Opening of Find out what else we are giving away! And how to get your $5 coupon! PLUS 15% of all proceeds this week go to Autism Speaks!

So today I had this plan to share with you a pattern to make a felt chocolate bunny. Went to the store to get some brown thread (I ran out yesterday) and came home and drafted up a pattern. Cut it all out and went to get my thread to sew it together - and it was not in my bag.

Grrrr. (That's me angry)

So I decided to still share the pattern with you and since it's so easy to make I would just quick guide you (and hopefully the pattern I made should work without having to be tweaked).

1. Print off the pattern (I would print off cardstock).
Click here!
(And yes, it is upside down. I'm not technical - who knows how to fix it? lol If the link does NOT work will someone let me know!? It works on my computer but I just want to be sure! And if it doesn't you can just leave your email address in the comments and I will mail it to you until I get it fixed!)
2. Trace onto brown felt. Cut out
3. Sew the eye and the leg on each side of bunny. I would put a little bit of stuffing in the leg. Adds a little 'depth' (like that huh?).
4. Sew the long strip around one of the bunny pieces.
5. With right sides together sew the other bunny piece to the long strip leaving an opening for flipping and filling.
6. Flip and fill.
7. Sew shut.
8. Tie a ribbon bow around the neck. Awww!
IF the pattern is working and loading - please feel free to make and share! Link it around - make some for your friends but please don't profit off it. And please send some love my way! :)
And. Have you ever shopped at ? I do. I always spend at least $35 to get the free shipping. Well tonight I was about to send in my order (my 2nd one this week!) and I decided to go to (another little obsession) and guess what I found? Coupons. 30% off a $50 purchase. Guess what 30% of $50 is? $35. So I spent the same amount of money and got an extra 2 yards of fabric for free! Plus my free shipping! Hooray!
Moral of the story: Always check for coupons before you shop. :)


  1. oooh, love the chocolate felt bunny. great Easter basket idea!
    and I'm with you- can. not. wait. to. start. gardening. summer, come quickly! :)

  2. very cute... I am a little hungry for chocolate now!

    I love coupons too... great deal! : )

  3. I love felt food.... nice job!


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